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Guest Blogger Janet Patten shares her knowledge on marketing your business with videos.

The 4 Key Elements to Include in your Business Videos

Janet Patten

If you aren’t involved in marketing your business with video, you should really give this avenue some serious consideration. This is the most effective and engaging way to reach your customers. Having videos on your website or social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube will help you to communicate your brand and increase traffic to your website.

There are a few key elements that every marketing video should have. Cover the points listed below and you will have a winning marketing vehicle that works well. Here are some tips on what to consider and include in your video.

  1. Branded Intro– begin your video is with a screen that has your company logo, colours, website address and/or tagline. Make sure the design is clean, eye-catching and readable. The idea is to build your brand and to use this on all your videos to make them recognizable.
  2. Main Content- the body of your video could contain a series of  photos, recorded video, PowerPoint slides or other graphics. This material should communicate your message and address problems or issues that you can solve for your customers. Use text callouts to enhance and highlight certain parts of the video. Try to include an area on the bottom or top that has your company name, phone number or website. Make sure that this area is readable and not obscured when posted on another site.
  3. Audio- Pay attention to sound quality and user experience. Choose music that doesn’t clash with your message or cause a distraction. Make sure you have the rights to use the music and have it play softly. Try to fade in and fade out the music at the beginning and end if you are able. If you are using recorded voice audio, then make sure that there is no static or background noise.
  4. Last Screen– At the end of your video you should have a call to action. Use text to direct people to your website or to call your business number, or direct viewers to a squeeze page to sign up for your offer. If you are posting on YouTube, you can add clickable links to the video or use the description area.

Be sure to include these 4 basic elements, and you will have a winning and high-converting video. This will help you build a strong brand and bring traffic to your website or offers.

Janet Patten is a Virtual Marketing Assistant and owner of Arcadia Creative Marketing, specializing in online local marketing and online video production.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have.

Carol Ann Quibell, is the owner of Lorac Virtual Solutions, providing virtual solutions to business owners by assisting them with social media, developing business plans, online marketing and writing services.

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