Why should your web-developer use WordPress?

Why your website should be built using WordPress

Having a website built can be confusing and over whelming by many business owners or anyone who is wanting or needing a website.  To eliminate the frustration and fear its sometimes best to hire a web developer.  Some web developers will attempt to lock in a client to a contract which means the client has to stay with their CMS.  A developer who uses WordPress does not do that.

Price of WordPress

The first and probably one of the most important aspects of using WordPress is that it’s FREE. It will always be free and hosting can be done economically. Since WordPress is free your developer can spend more time customizing it for you rather than spending time on coding, etc.  This helps keep costs way down.

Any developer can work on your site without any problem

If your biggest fear is that the company who is building your website closes its doors and you are left without a way to update or change your website that problem goes away when WordPress is used. Any developer can take over the project at anytime without any issues. If the web development company disappears, charges way too much money or worse yet does not meet your needs then you can have anyone take over without so much as a hiccup. WordPress is that good.

Once the website is built you or your staff can make changes with a minimal amount of training – no one will hold your site ransom for them to update or make changes. There is no need to be locked into a contract unless that is something you choose to do.

WordPress has a massive community of developers and also users and because of that almost everything you can think about has already been developed for WordPress, making it much less expensive than websites being built from scratch.

WordPress is Simple to Use

If you have hired a good developer they will provide training on the basic use of WordPress because it`s that simple. Not only that, there is a multitude of free training available online through online courses and YouTube making it even more user friendly.

You can have a Blog

With some very minor customization having a Blog on your website is easy to do. The blog is where you can connect with your clients or customers keeping them informed as to what you and your company are doing.

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Even Microsoft has moved their websites over to WordPress because it`s that good. Other well known companies using WordPress for their websites include CNN, eBay, Forbes, McLean’s, Best Buy, Sony, MP3 – read more.

WordPress is here to stay.

All the best,

Carol Ann Quibell





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  1. Dear Carol Ann , I want to make changes etc to my existing web-site but have trouble with the person who did it for me , she is just too busy , unavailable , etc.,
    I saw your ad in Valley Brew and immediately became interested in that maybe you can help me with possibly a redesign , some minor changes , I am not sure , and need your expertise . Above all, I need someone to discuss this with .And , of course , I do not know how to go about any of the above . Would you be able to help ?

    Sincerely ,

    Ruth Flack .


  2. Hi Ruth, I would love to work with you on your website and have emailed you directly. Thanks so much for contacting me.

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