Adding Images to Your Posts

Adding images to posts is an excellent means of grabbing your readers attention!  Guest blogger Mary H. Ruth speaks about where to get the photos making your article stand out from the crowd.

Adding Images to Your Posts

By Mary H. Ruth

Identifying appropriate images for our online content. One of the most difficult things about getting accustomed to the internet is its huge dependence on images.

We love images, of course. We’ve preferred them ever since we were born. Nonetheless, we have not been trained in using images or graphics techniques. Most of us are not used to expressing in pictures. Our elders taught us about reading and writing, but only a very few of us were taught about image-making.

There are millions of ways to use images online, but one that’s very commonly required is the image that accompanies a blog post. Like it or not, posts with images are more attractive.

So here’s how it goes.

  • You spend an hour composing a brilliant update, categorize, title, and tag it, and then remember you also need a picture. Sigh.
  • Have you ever spent as much time finding an image as writing the post?  I have, and it’s stressful.
  • It may be better to try looking at the challenge to find a picture as an opportunity to play. Take a deep breath, relax, close your eyes, think about your post from a bird’s eye view.
  • Say, for instance, you posted about adding images to your blog posts.
  • When you step back to view that theme from a distance, maybe you see a painter in front of a blank canvas.
  • You go to CreativeCommons and type in painter with blank canvas. You click the Flickr box. You find VanGogh. Not too bad. You save the URL.
  • You go back and select Google images instead of Flickr, and there are 55 images (only four at Flickr) but nothing appeals.
  • The Van Gogh is okay, but not perfect. Hmmmm.

Try coming at it from a different angle.

Maybe when you think again about how to use images in a post you picture someone picking flowers. You scurry back to CreativeCommons. But you find that most of the offerings for picking flowers are of children, which is charming but not relevant.

  • What to do? Time is hurtling by. Inhale. One more try.
  • Your brain says, “When you need to add an image to your blog post, you want to find the perfect abstraction of your post’s central idea.”
  • You go back to Google images and search for blank canvas. You do not find what you seek, but it’s there that you find an image so antithetical to blank canvas that it just about works. You slip it in your post.

Now here’s the most important (and sometimes the hardest) part. Publish the post and be done with it. Do not worry and fuss. Go on to other things.

  • Do go back a day or so later. It is highly likely that the logic and beauty of your image choice will be obvious!

We rightly mistrust our ability to curate images, but overall, I think we are better than our self-assessments. Determine to have fun with your image selections and your visual acumen will rapidly improve!

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Mary H. Ruth owns both and, having started her virtual assistant business in 2007. She serves as assistant, partner, and consultant to her clients for business planning, marketing, and communications. Working to support solopreneurs, small businesses, and professionals, Mary lives in North Carolina.

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Carol Ann Quibell, is the owner of Lorac Virtual Solutions, providing virtual solutions to business owners by assisting them with social media, developing business plans, online marketing and writing services.

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