How non-profit clubs can create a website

Why do sports clubs need a website?

Before a sports group plans their website it’s important to know why they need one.  For example a walking club’s website would be created for a variety of reasons that could apply to other groups or clubs as well:Man Riding a Snowmobile

  1. Supply history of the club to readers
  2. List board of directors
  3. Encourage new memberships
  4. Provide maps of trails
  5. Post trail conditions
  6. Post up and coming events
  7. Post club photos
  8. Use the site as an educational tool
  9. Provide contact information
  10. Be available 24 hours a day / 7 days per week

There are probably many more reasons why non-profit clubs should have a website, but those above are probably the most important.

Steps needed to be taken by Non-Profit Clubs to create a website

Domain Name for a Non-Profit Club

The domain name is the name you will use online for people to find it and should reflect the name of the club. Register your clubs name as your domain name if possible.  It should be available if you are the only club by that name but if it’s taken come up with a variation of it.  For example if your club name is Prince George Ski-do Club and during a domain name search you find that it’s not available try PG Riders or PrinceGeorge.Ski-do or something similar and recognizable by club members and those searching for it. A popular search and domain registry is which I have used and recommended to others.  Their prices are reasonable, and their system is very easy to use. Check them out for both domain registration and hosting.  There is a yearly fee to maintain the domain name, and usually it’s cheaper to pay for 2+ years at a time.

Hosting Service

Think of your hosting service like having a landlord – your website rents a place be online so people can find it and contact you since it’s visible to the world.  Hosting prices vary with different providers and are quite reasonable.  I have clients who use since there are quite often special prices if you use their services for both domain registry and hosting. A service I personally used was Hostgator who provided great service, but is probably better suited for those operating an online business. I have a number of websites hosted with them all for the price of approximately $15/month.  We now have our own hosting service and if you hire us to create your website the price of the hosting will be included in the price.


What is WordPress?  WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management platform. It’s also free.  There are hundreds of free WordPress themes as well as Premium themes such as StudioPress available . They’re easy to use and can be setup and in operation within a very short period of time.  It really isn’t necessary to purchase a theme for a non-profit club website since there are plenty of excellent themes available for free.  They can be customized with very little work.

Having a creative, relevant and manageable website is not difficult or expensive. There are many tutorials available on YouTube or through WordPress to teach anyone how to create a website using their easy management system.  One of the services we provide at Lorac Virtual Solutions is building websites for non-profits as well as businesses.  Contact us by filling out the form below

to arrange for a quote or consultation.

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