Missed opportunities – how many have you had?

Photo of a deer

Photo of a deer

This morning I was sitting on the back deck drinking my first cup of coffee for the day.  It was about 0630 and everything was quiet in the neighbourhood.  Below our house are undeveloped properties and many times I have seen deer wandering thru and even a bear the other day.

I was in for a treat today because I looked down and saw a mother deer with her baby stroll past me unaware I was 20 feet above them and enjoying the scenery.

However, the big treat was the 2 bucks (male deer) who stopped right below where I was sitting who started butting their heads in a macho dance.  I had never seen anything like it except on TV and I was in awe.

What upset me the most was my camera was in the house and if I even thought about moving they would have moved on.  That’s what I call a missed opportunity.  I would have loved to videotape their antics and share this rare site with everyone.  My camera will be right next to me tomorrow morning, I guarantee it.

Are you aware of what you are missing?

This made me wonder about other missed opportunities I may have had – some I know about and others I am completely unaware of.  I would probably be ill if I knew how many there were.  Have you had many missed opportunities?  Many business owners have no idea as to how many customers or clients they have failed to connect with because they don’t have a website – I call this a missed opportunity that should never happen.

No website for local pub

The other day we decided to order dinner from a local pub and I got online to see what was on their menu and get their phone number.  I was shocked to learn they didn’t have a website!  No where online could I find out what type of food they offered and if there were any specials for the day.  I did find their phone number which I used but could not believe they weren’t marketing their business online.  It’s a neighbourhood pub that seems to be quite busy with local traffic and the food is good.

It’s okay if you are a local and know that Thursdays they have a half price appetizer special between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm but what about those of us who are not from here or new?  If I had known about it I would definitely have ordered some of my favourites.  Instead I ordered us some basic pub food I thought they would offer and missed out on something I would have really liked.  I still don’t know what the specials are for the rest of the week.  They are depending on their current clientele and hoping by word of mouth their business will expand, which may or may not work.

 Online Marketing for your Business – gaining exposure

Getting exposure to your business can be done in many ways and both offline and online methods should be used.  Let’s talk about online exposure today.  By having a website it enables you to promote your business 24/7 and is an excellent and easy way to let your customers / clients know who you are and what you offer.  The information is always available and you can be generating revenue or new customers even while you are sleeping.

A website does not have to be expensive nor difficult.  Having a blog-based platform such as WordPress is inexpensive, customizable and easily changed or updated.  You can have it up and running in less than a day depending on what you want on it.  Read more about the benefits of using WordPress http://loracvs.com/online-business/benefits-of-using-wordpress-for-a-website-or-blog/

Still not sure if you need a website?  Read more here: http://loracvs.com/tips-for-business-owners/your-business-needs-a-website/

Websites for small businesses – why bother?  http://loracvs.com/tips-for-business-owners/websites-for-small-business-operators-why-bother/

We can do what we can to reduce missed opportunities in our business and our personal life and it’s impossible to eliminate them all. However, by doing everything we can reasonably do to promote the business it will help ensure we are more successful than those who neglect this strategy and not have a website. So what opportunities are you missing?  Think about it.

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