Selling products online using a Shopping Cart

Setting up an online business requires a method for your customers to pay you!

Setting up an online store or business doesn’t have to be difficult with the tool WordPress and a plugin for an ecommerce website. However, the logistics of your business has to be thought of in advance so you are prepared when the sales start happening and you are ready to grow your business.  It takes more than just setting up the website though  – you need to build your traffic to your site.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

Taking payment online with a Shopping Cart

There comes a time in every online business whether you offer a service or a product for sale you will need a method for your customers and clients to pay you. WordPress Shopping Cart But first let`s talk about strategy for your Ecommerce business and what steps needs to be taken when choosing choosing a payment option.

Questions to ask yourself about setting up a shopping cart.

  1. What exactly do I need in my payment system?
  2. Will I be selling multiple products with different prices?
  3. How many customers or clients do I anticipate having?
  4. What do I need on my landing page and how do I set it up – manually or through a 3rd party tool?
  5. What autoresponder will I use to send out email broadcasts and set up email lists?
  6. How do I include taxes and determine shipping costs?
  7. Will I offer special coupons and create discount codes?

It may seem overwhelming but take each question at a time, asking yourself the above questions and your response will determine what you  need in the way of a shopping cart for your website.

Tracking Product Orders

Once you start making sales then its time to think about managing and tracking product orders and sales.  It’s also time to start up-selling and adding new products or services.

Affiliate Sales

Once your online business is up and running and your products are listed and the shopping cart system is working you will want to expand and grow your business by setting up and managing an affiliate program where others promote and sell your products for you.  It’s not difficult to do but it is important to create banner ads and marketing material for your affiliates to use. Another very important aspect of having affiliates is having a system to manage and track affiliate sales and commissions.

WordPress Website + shopping cart + marketing + affiliates = SALES!!

There’s a couple of ways to make sure your website and shopping cart gets created.  You can do it yourself or contact us at Lorac Virtual Solutions to take care of the details needed to make it happen.  We would love to help you.

All the best, Carol Ann In order to have an commerce site you will need to have a product – one of your own or someone else’s to promote. To launch your product takes more than just placing a link on a website.

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