Should Authors use Social Media?

Personally I believe everyone should use social media to market themselves, their products and their services and Authors are no different.  This is a service we are now offering at LoracVS and are really excited about it.

The following guest blog from Kim Letendre explains why.

How Can Authors Benefit From Social Marketing?

Social MediaAn author I’m working with told me that she just wants to concentrate on finishing her book.  She doesn’t want to think about writing a blog.  And, while she’s willing to post occasionally to her Facebook business page, and she has asked me to build up the following on that page, she is not willing to commit to putting any more time into social marketing.  She just wants to write her book.

OK.  Got it.

However, if you are an author that wants to make a real splash when your book is finally complete and have readers eager and waiting in anticipation when it is ready for general consumption – you need to build awareness and start marketing your brand.  That being said, I know you are too busy writing your book to think about the marketing and, and that is why you should hire an expert to help accomplish these tasks.

Social Media is a great place to start building the buzz.  For an author, I suggest building an Author business (or what was called fan) page in Facebook.  Your book will take on a life of its own, eventually, but for right now all you have is “you” to brand and market.  So let’s start there.  Then, once you build the “you” brand, the books can become your children and have pages of their own.  This is especially true if your book is a nonfiction or a business book.

Your Facebook business page will reflect you as the author and should have your “voice”.  This will allow readers to connect with you as a person and also hear your views.  Giving them a taste of what they will get in your book helps build anticipation and they will be eager to hear more from you.  Asking them questions will start building relationships and by conversing with your audience, you will receive new ideas for your book that you hadn’t thought of.

Don’t you really want your book to be the start of a conversation?  Where better to start a conversation than in the social media forums.  Another great forum for authors is Good Reads.  After starting an account here, you can begin conversations with your colleagues and start getting the word out here about your new book.  Also avid readers are in this forum as they are always looking for the next best thing to read.  You can connect with friends via Facebook and then open up your following to a whole new reading arena.  This allows you as the author to become a resource to your followers; and is another way to build stronger relationships and find commonalities.

Having a marketing professional plan your social marketing campaign, your blog author platform and plan your online book tour, will create the buzz you need to become a Bestselling Author, while allowing you the freedom to concentrate on finishing your book.

Kim Letendre is founder of KAZ Works, LLC, an independent marketing firm specializing in online marketing strategies.  Kim is devoted to helping authors and small companies discover the best marketing tools that fit their personality and business model.  She helps strategize and then implement the full marketing plan.  Grab a copy of her free Marketing Pie Blueprint at to get more information on the pieces of the marketing pie available and how to strategically use them.

All the best,
Carol Ann Quibell

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