Small businesses struggle with reaching customers through Social Networking.

 A Social Media Marketing Specialist Certification has been earned by Carol Ann Quibell of Lorac Virtual Solutions.

Current business strategies must include internet marketing by engaging in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and through content distribution. A marketing plan must include a variety of Social Media Channels and tracking tools evaluating their effectiveness.

Lorac Virtual Solutions  provides professional guidance and administrative services to businesses and individuals across North America as a Virtual Assistant service.  Providing a Social Media Marketing Services to their clients comes at the right time as many small businesses struggle with marketing their businesses over the internet.

“It is much more than just having a blog or twitter account” says Carol Ann Quibell. Each client’s needs are assessed and analyzed and their specific goals are pre-determined to create a strategy.  Their profiles must be set up and managed to build a brand and online business presence using pre-determined networks that are appropriate for their business.

Online reputation management is also part of the strategy by tracking, reporting, engaging and evaluating to determine the social media marketing success.

Lorac Virtual Solutions work with their clients to create a plan using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They specialise in content marketing for maximizing content distribution through a variety of Social Media Channels, creating a game plan for blogging, press releases, articles and the distribution of each.

“Business owners from all sectors such as the transportation industry, realtors, human resources, coaches, trainers, contractors, doctors, lawyers or even job seekers should have a social media strategy” said Quibell. Lorac Virtual Solutions offers its clients a wide variety of services  that now include social media marketing. All the best,


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