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Social Media Marketing Action Plan

Before you start blogging all over the internet advertising your product or service you definitely need an action plan. Why? How do you plan on reaching your goal? What is your goal?

Ultimately we wish to increase traffic to our website
Increase sales by 10%
Improve search engine listings

How are we going to reach these goals?

Create a blog on your topic.

Set up Social Media accounts like Facebook and look for special interest groups that have a common interest with you and your products.

Become involved in the groups and interact with others but not as a sales pitch – make suggestions, gets to know others with similar interests, respond to questions others may have and ask questions yourself to relevant topics. Be sincere, truthful and accurate. People will get to know you and will start looking for you and your assistance. This will help drive traffic back to your site. After you become known you can make suggestions as to how you could help or your product may help them. People like to do business with people they know and since you have developed a relationship with members of your group they know you and will probably do business with you.

Join Twitter and LinkedIn and follow the same strategy as Facebook.


Use Video marketing and post these videos on YOU Tube targeting specific markets. Make them relevant and provide something to your target – maybe some free information or product.


How successful has your campaign been? Did you meet your target goals? If not, you may have to go back and evaluate where and when you made your mistakes and correct them. Did you regularly post relevant information? Did you participate? Were your offerings beneficial to others? Remember this exercise is not about you – it’s about your target market and how you can help them.


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