Newsletters ~ how important are they?


5 reasons why you need a newsletter.


  1. Stay in touch with your customers or clients – keeping them up to date on new services and products. Let them know what you are doing and how you can assist them.
  2. Provide effective tools and information your customers can use towards the success of his / her business. Remember you have a vested interest in their success.
  3. Strengthen your relationship with your customers or clients. Become the person they turn to for assistance and service – remember you are the expert.
  4. Grab the attention of potential clients. Ask your customers to share the newsletter with other businesses or their clients.
  5. Provides data for creating a data base for promoting new services or products.


The nuts and bolts of a newsletter.


1.    Define your purpose.  Ie: create database list.

2.    What do you want to say? What are you promoting or selling?

3.    How do you want to say it? Article? Point form? Personal experience? 

4.    How are you going to distribute it? Email or hard copy?

5.    Who will write it? Will you out-source it? How often will you distribute the newsletter? Weekly? Monthly?


How to create a newsletter.


·         Using a template from your word processing program is relatively easy. MS Word has some great, easy to use templates. It’s only a matter of replacing their data with your own.

·         Keep it simple, with a clear message that is easy to follow.

·         No more than 1,000 words in length.

·         Articles should be informative and create an interest in you and your product or services.

·          Give them information they will use and want to keep on file for future reference.


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