Starting a home based business?

Things to consider:

1. Local bylaws: Depending upon where you live you will probably need a business licence even though you are operating an online business. Check with your local government office. Zoning is also a consideration but most communities don’t require any special zoning unless you have a sign out front stating your business or you have clients or customers come to your home. Then there are other factors that come into affect such as parking, etc.

2. Taxes. That awful word can’t be ignored and it is important for any business, even small home based businesses to check with your tax agency regarding payments, deductions and exemptions that apply to you and your business. Make sure you check this out as part of your start up process so there are no nasty surprises a few months down the road.

3. Your space. It is important to have your own designated space set up for you to work or operate your business. Is it possible to use one of the bedrooms, a garage or spare room in the basement? Making it your own is important.

4. Finding clients. Don’t just use one method of marketing because you will waste a lot of time waiting to see results. Use both local and online marketing methods to find your customers or clients. Online marketing can include email, article marketing, blogs, social media interaction and a website. Local marketing can include your local newspapers, telephone directory, bulletin boards, mail out campaigns, brochures and networking events.

5. Avoid burnout. Determine your business hours and do your best to follow them. It’s just as important to schedule your personal time as well as time you will be working. Try and follow it although sometimes it is impossible. Remember you and your family are important too.

A home based business is not for everyone but for those who have discipline, special skills and a desire to succeed it can be a wonderful alternative to having a regular job. It is definitely not easy but it can be very rewarding.
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