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Let’s tour the WordPress Dashboard

Once WordPress has been uploaded to your site you will log into your WordPress Website by going to YourDomainName.com/wp-admin. Bookmark it so you can return quickly whenever you want to log into your website and update it.

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Let’s start right at the top left hand side and work our way down. At the very top you will see a navigation bar that gives you some of your main major functions of WordPress.

Website Live

You will see a link to your own website at the top of the sidebar that you can click and it will take you to a live version of your site. Or you can go down to the dashboard, themes, customize widgets or menus. You probably won’t use all of these on a regular basis but the options are there when you need them.

The dashboard is where you update your website, add pages or posts, add pictures and videos. You can change the theme that controls what your site looks like and make any changes that the theme will allow.

The Main functions of the Dashboard

The Main functions are posts, media, pages, comments, and then under Appearance, are widgets and custom menus. Those are your main functions that you’ll probably use on a regular basis.

Things like your theme, your actual theme installation and your plugins, your users, your tools and your settings, are usually more one-time things or you may update, obviously, or add new things, but they’re not a regular basis kind of use.

You can add new posts and edit your posts by going to this function. You can add new media, edit your media, add new pages or edit your pages, you can approve comments, delete comments, you can even edit comments as well on this section.

At Appearance, widgets, is where you can go and add things to your sidebar or add things to specific widget areas that your theme comes with.

The same thing with Menus, your custom menus, that’s a menu, like navigation across the top of your site, which is usually home, about, contact, and things like that. You may or may not use this very often but knowing it’s here is important.

Plugins are all the things that help you do different things with your website and you can add new plugins, activate plugins, delete plugins in this section.

Seldom Used Functions

Users are people who can access your site. There are different levels of users, so you can add and edit users in this section.

Tools are not a commonly used part but you can check them out. The import and export functions are probably the most popular part of the Tools section, where you can either import posts from another blog or export the post of your current blog, or pages as well. That’s important if you want to move your content somewhere else.


You will want to use these in the beginning and there’s some information about just general settings, how people read your blog, your comments, whether you want to allow comments all the time or close it and then just activate it on a per-post basis.

The above are just the basics of the WordPress Dashboard and its functions. WordPress is so flexible, it’s a great program and you just need to dig in, start clicking around and see what it can do for yourself.

For more detailed instructions you may want to purchase our WordPress Basics Training Videos where you will be able to see how each function is used in more detail.

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PS:  Learn the Basics of WordPress. How the dashboard works, add or delete pages, add images to your site, add video, update and backup your website. These easy to follow videos will enable you to look after your own website.

WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Training Videos

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